Datamining & smart data

We reveal the hidden potential in your customers’ data and their web behaviors.

Big data is not about data

Decreed new black gold with the digital revolution, data has become the nerve of war to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Data, long abandoned in business strategies, is nevertheless the essential reservoir for the potential for evolution and growth.

Because data is the only reliable way to know, understand and accurately predict the behaviors of its customers and prospects.

Without data, no agile strategy, no customer knowledge, no innovation possible around AI and machine learning.

To extract and refine this potential, we put at your service 20 years of data expertise and state-of-the-art tools.

"Today, your true challenge is not the competition, but the expectations of your customer"

— Emmanuel Vivier / HUB Institute

Our Data solutions

To get your data talked about and take advantage of its full potential, we deploy 6 affordable, illuminating and scalable tools that have proven their worth for all types of industries:

BDD analysis



Predictive datamining


Dynamic Segmentations

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